C/ Prat de la Creu,8. Office 305
AD500 Andorra La Vella

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A studio or firm is nothing if it does not have a team, and the HEKKIO team is constantly growing in accordance with this multidisciplinary spirit that allows us to carry out all our projects from start to finish. Con este carácter multidisciplinar podemos llevar a cabo todos nuestros proyectos de principio a fin.

We believe that architecture and interior design go hand in hand, and accordingly we always strive to ensure that we have the best professionals and partners for our projects. Because teamwork also produces the best results and we can see this in the projects of Carmen Planas and Víctor Blasi who coincided on projects long before forming HEKKIO, and who have worked hand in hand to achieve all that has brought them to this moment. Our level of involvement and the honesty that characterizes us means that we can respond to the needs of our clients, who always come to us with very innovative projects and who place all their trust in us.